Aims & Objectives:

CCEE programs and products are designed to cultivate the leadership and efficacy necessary to tackle the challenges of senior management on an international level. It is based on an American-style curriculum are series of highly interactive and intensive. Professors at CCEE are rigorously selected among the best consultants and professionals in their fields with many holding positions in top business schools.

Each year brings new challenges and opportunities. We realize each student has his and her own dreams, sometimes, not always part of this public, connected world, but CCEE is here to help you .

Our work here together will be the foundation for a life filled with global service and leadership. We're planting the seed that will create dreams, goals, and passions for you and your families. 

Our Objectives:

  1. To encourage management excellence and specialist expertise. 
  2. To help members achieve their personal aspirations, fulfill their career ambitions and develop their innate potential. 
  3. To support lifelong learning and encourage education in management and specialist areas.
  4. To give professional recognition to the knowledge and skills of managers and specialists.