Message from the Principal  

As a Participant, you will gain an understanding of the changing Social, Cultural, Economics and Business Political factors, which influences the world economy. Through our innovative programs, we provide the basic foundation in business and management, as applied to worldwide industries. With particular emphasis on managerial and entrepreneurial activities such as Banks, Multinational companies and international Organizations. 

The Industrial, service, banking, Tourism and Hospitality industries are major economics and social forces in the business world. As Participant you will have unique opportunities to combine theoretical and practical studies across a wide range of related disciplines, Courses include practical training often through involvement in industry- based projects.

Our all CCEE Chartered programs are with specializations. The courses consists of a mixture of lectures, case analysis, discussion, group exercises and written cases studies. All programs are based on real-life, examples of companies. Your first step is to join our institute, to expand your knowledge and skills in management. 

Studying at CCEE is a good investment for your future. CCEE Chartered programs will give you a great return with growth opportunity, job satisfaction, Increase your intellectual capital. Learn how to conduct research, take decisions on new ideas and implement them.


John Patrick

Chartered Council for executive education – CCEE