Chartered Council for executive education - CCEE

Chartered Council for executive education – CCEE was founded to serve as an impartial, trusted agent and honest broker for advancing proven and promising business technologies that could improve the management, performance and value of public and private sector enterprises.

CCEE achieves this mission by assisting public and private sector decision makers,  managers and their consigliore who are responsible and accountable for the results and outcomes of their business selections, deployments, operations and ultimate life cycle modernization and transformation management. 

How We Perform Our Mission: CCEE products and Delivery

CCEE provide a virtually unlimited diversity of Certificate format public and Subscription based business management education and decision assistance and support services.

CCEE programs and products are formulated, led and conducted by professional, proven innovators, practitioners, academicians and CCEE Advisory Board members.

Advisory Board members are also available to serve as advisers and to conduct proprietary projects for CCEE subscriber organizations, and especially serve as consigliore to CCEE management for improving its service content, delivery quality and constituent satisfaction.  In addition, CCEE Fellows and Interns support CCEE services and Advisory Board projects.

CCEEs Origins

Chartered Council for executive education – CCEE is an independent, publicly supported, educational Council. CCEE was chartered 2002 and received its five year statutory Letter of Final Determination of permanent US independent, publicly supported status April 27, 2006.

CCEE has served its mission with international recognition and distinction. Over 3,500 officials, executives and senior managers from more than 400 government agencies and enterprise sector organizations from 11 countries have supported CCEEs mission from 2002 - 2013.